• All frontier, customs, quarantine, sanitary and veterinary procedures associated with arrivals and departures of the ships.
  • Berth reservation, inshore moorings, mooring maintenance.
  • Marine pilots, tugs and line-handling crew for the ships.
  • Warranties for the payment of port expenditures and other obligatory fees.
  • Preparation of bunker operations.
  • Fresh water for the ships.
  • Equipment delivery.
  • Medical assistance and other requests of the crew.
  • Disposal of bilge waters, residual waters and waste waters after washing the ship’s tanks and cisterns, sludge and other waste products.
  • Maps and other useful materials.
  • Communication devices for the ships (telephones, SIM-cards, Internet).
  • Coordination of cargo operations.
  • Scheduled and unscheduled maintenance.
  • Updated information about rules and regulations in the port, their modifications, etc. for the ship owner and other parties at stake.
  • Assistance and help in drawing up the necessary documents and letters for the local authorities and organizations.
  • Defense of the client’s interests in conflicts and disputes, legal support.
  • Conveying of the client’s instructions, other services upon the captain’s (owner’s, shipper’s) request.